We develop the world's first hygienic all-in-one hand.drier and

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us that electric hand.driers must not distribute germs into the ambient air to help avoid disease transmission in washrooms.

A hand.drier that filters airborne viruses and bacteria can solve this problem, and is also environmentally friendly compared to disposable paper.

hand.drying re:invented

At SANDRIER, we are developing this type of innovative hand.drier, which also works as an air.purifier. Additionally, an air quality sensor detects the need of filtering the ambient air automatically. Hence, the Sandrier eliminates viruses and bacteria not only from the hands and also from the ambient air. 


4 to 5** times less CO2 emissions compared to disposable paper


Germs, like bacteria and viruses, are eliminated during hand.drying and air.purifying


Comfortable aperture, patented chamber desing and operation principle enables hand rubbing, fast drying, combined with low noise pollution

hand drying where germs are eliminated


hand dryer and air purifier in one device


Germ free / hand.drying re:invented

Eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses

SANDRIER eliminates germs, such as bacteria and viruses while conventional hand.dryers spread germs into the surrounding.

By killing germs with a patented high-efficient active and passive filter system our hand.drier does not release unfiltered air into the surroundings.

World's first
hygienic hand.drier 

combines the cost and sustainability advantages of an electric jet air.drier with hygienic advantages even exceeding those of paper towels. 

Ecological / no disposable paper

Electric hand.drier which reduces C02 emissions

Electrical hand.dryers have 4 to 5 times** lower environmental footprint compared to disposable paper towels.

According to Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) electric hand.driers incur only about 4g to 5g C02 emissions per hand.drying, while disposable paper towels incur 3-times higher CO2 emissions of 12g to 15g C02 per hand.drying.

Even more hygienic than paper,
but no more paper waste

As the SANDRIER is electric, it does not produce paper waste and is even more hygienic than disposable paper because no contaminated paper waste remains in waste bins that may re-contaminate the ambient air.


hand.driers with integrated air.purification are Safe and Sustainable by Design, to meet the requirements of most demanding applications such as medical hand.drying while requiring low maintenance efforts.

Electric hand.drying for most demanding application

Sandrier  was created to develop the world's first hygienic hand.drier to meet the standards of medical facilities.

And, all our hand.dryers operate as standalone air.purifiers to eliminate germs  in the ambient air.

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